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Our BOX4FUN doesn’t just look good, it’s ideal for any festive occasion: weddings, birthdays and much more. It comes filled with all kinds of fun surprises for kids! To ensure our box only gets better and better, we ask for which type of occasion you’re buying when you submit your order. To make sure you get the ideal product, we have the “Wedding” and “Other occasion” options.

In every BOX4FUN you get:

  • A tricky 3D puzzle for clever kids, made by “Happy Cubes”
  • A toy plane made from foam rubber
  • A wooden yo-yo
  • A soap bubble bottle in the shape of a wedding cake
  • A colouring book with fun puzzles, including 6 coloured pencils and 6 crayons
  • A set of dominos in a wooden box
  • A wooden spinning top
  • A packet of PlayMais®- Foam to make a mini elephant!
  • One name tag per box, for you to fill in
  • A colourful wooden tangram puzzle to make creative little characters
  • Two guest gift boxes (Bride and groom)
  • A fun puzzle box (assorted)
  • And the box itself (easy for kids to fold and assemble!) with dimensions of 186 x 125 x 120 mm (NB: the interior of the box is craft paper brown)

NB: All components of the BOX4FUN are suitable only for children aged 3 and up!

All toys are dispatched with the foldable box. Upon arrival you need only fold the box together, put the toys inside, and mark with the name of the child!

Our tip: Write a little message like “Glad you could make it!” on the other side of the tag and add a photo of the recipient- it makes the gift all the more personal!


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