Micro cubes by “Happy cubes”

Micro cubes by “Happy cubes”

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For kids from preschool to primary school age, this 3D puzzle from “Happy Cubes” will make the perfect educational toy at your event!

About Micro Cubes

  • A fun and educational toy since 1986
  • Each toy is made from 6 parts that can be made into a cube
  • Delivered in flat 2D form, within a frame
  • Getting the puzzle pieces back into the frame is a fun second challenge
  • Pieces of multiple Micro Cubes can be combined into even bigger objects
  • A pedagogical toy to improve pattern recognition and hand-eye coordination
  • Recommended for children aged 5 and up…
  • But in principle, fun for all ages from 3-99!


One packet contains 6 different Micro Cubes (models).

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